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The Best Facial Cleansers for Your Skin Type

How to choose the best cleanser for a healthier complexion

Written by: 100% PURE®

Organic Cleanser

Great skin care starts with clean and refreshed skin. Before you can reap the full benefits of your skin care, you’ll need to cleanse the impurities, environmental pollutants, makeup, sunscreen, excess oil, and dirt from your skin. That’s a lot of stuff that can accumulate throughout the day! Without cleansing the skin first, you run the risk of clogging pores, which can lead to unsightly blackheads and blemishes.

Before you run out and choose a cleanser, know that not all cleansers are created equal. Many on the market use synthetic chemicals, harsh and drying surfactants, and petrochemicals as preservatives. We at 100% PURE are committed to using only natural ingredients, free of synthetic chemicals, chemical dyes, and artificial fragrances. We believe that the best facial cleansers don’t need to be synthetic to be effective.

Why We Don’t Make Facial Cleansing Wipes

Our commitment to 100% PURE ingredients prevents us from making certain popular items, like facial cleansing wipes. Everyone loves a one-and-done face wipe, and we’re asked for them all the time. But these products have not been made by us for a specific reason: there are no non-chemical preservatives to keep wipes moist, that we believe are safe enough for your skin. We refuse to compromise on our commitment to your optimal skin health by using synthetic chemical preservatives and synthetic chemicals to stabilize the products. Every product we make goes through an extensive to ensure that the product is safe, stable, pure, and potent. If a potential product cannot pass this extensive testing process, it will not become a product.

We don’t recommend using the facial cleansing wipes on the market, because they are highly preserved and harsh to the skin. The synthetic chemical ingredients used in the wipes are likely to irritate the skin and may even leave unsightly bumps. That’s why we recommend using natural cleansers that have been formulated without the addition of synthetic chemicals, fillers, or chemical irritants.

Argain Oil Creamy Cleanser

Why Use a 100% PURE Cleanser?

Our natural cleansers on the other hand, only contain nutrients for the skin. Each ingredient we use has a particular purpose and benefit for the skin. Unlike conventional cleansers made with harsh chemical surfactants and sulfates, or cheap fillers like plain water, we use only ingredients that promote hydration, moisturization, and nourishment. Make sure to massage the cleansers deeply into the skin, to help them foam and increase circulation. We love using our to gently exfoliate and buff away dead skin cells.

PRO TIP: After cleansing, always remember to tone the skin. Toners will wipe away dead skin cells sloughed off during cleansing, and any loosened dirt or debris that was not fully rinsed. Use a hydrating and nourishing serum, followed by a moisturizer to lock in all benefits from the previous steps.

Woman Washing Face

How to Pick the Right Cleanser for Your Needs

Looking for the right cleanser for you? The answer will depend on two things: your skin type, and the type of products you use throughout the day on the skin. For example, someone who wears makeup may need a more heavy duty facial cleanser than someone who goes makeup-free.

Heavy Makeup

For those who wear a lot of makeup or sunscreen, we recommend using a cleansing balm to wash off these products at the end of the day. Simply apply our over the whole face, including the eye area (keep eyes closed) if wearing eye makeup, and rinse it off with a warm, damp, clean washcloth. Organic avocado, organic olive oil, and organic coconut oil will deeply soften the skin leaving it feeling nourished and supple. Blood orange essential oil uplifts the spirit, while brightening and providing collagen boosting vitamin C. This is also an amazing product for dry skin types.

Coconut Cleanser Blood Orange Cleanser

Dry Skin

Not to toot our own horn, but we think the best cleanser for dry skin is our creamy If you’d like to add extra moisture into skin, try a double cleansing ritual (see ). Start by using the then follow up with the nutrient rich We love the super moisturizing for dry skin. We also recommend taking some time to give yourself a facial massage after applying, to allow the cleanser to soothe your dry skin. A is gentle enough to use with dry, sensitive skin and will help to remove dirt and skin buildup that can cause blemishes.

Follow your cleanser for dry skin with a hydrating toner like our Next, add the nourishing, anti-aging, and moisture boosting Finally, lock in all the benefits of the toner and serum with the for a complete beauty ritual for dry skin.


Our best cleanser for acne is the This cleanser cleans skin with acne fighting ingredients like willow, neem, parsley, and tea tree. It can also help to fade acne scars with tumeric, and won’t dry out or sensitive skin like common cleansers made with synthetic chemicals. The addition of burdock will also help to soothe the skin. Though this is a powerful anti-acne cleanser, it will still balance skin with nourishing and moisturizing algae and glycerin.

For acne prone skin, follow your cleanser with a hydrating and nourishing astringent, like the Next, add an oil balancing serum like our Finally, feed skin hydration with lightweight

Oily Skin

The best cleanser for oily skin, or for skin with clogged pores, is the detoxifying Activated charcoal and bamboo charcoal minimize pores and detoxify the skin. of spearmint and lemongrass help to purify skin. Lemon extract and lemon water act to brighten skin, while algae extract nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Brazilian black kaolin clay helps to actively absorb excess oil — a huge benefit for oily skin types. Make sure to massage the cleanser into skin, allowing it to gently foam and draw out impurities from deep within pores. You can also use the to gently exfoliate and give a double dose of detoxifying.

For oily or skin with clogged pores, tone the skin with the To balance oil production and provide hydration, moisturization, and antioxidants to skin, follow with the and

Blood Orange And Fermented Rice

Dull Skin

Our best cleanser for brightening skin is the expertly formulated The fermented rice water (sake), white mulberry, mushroom, licorice, and citrus in this brightening cleanser are all supremely potent, natural skin brighteners. Sake is rich in enzymes, amino acids, malic acid, minerals, and vitamins to help nourish the skin from within. Pineapple and papaya extracts gently exfoliate to resurface and reveal new, brighter layers of skin, while tomato acts as a rich source of antioxidants. This cleanser can lessen the appearance of dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma, while brightening and balancing skin tone. Make sure to massage cleanser into the skin, allowing brightening ingredients to work their magic. Using the with this cleanser will help to promote cellular turnover to reveal fresh, younger looking skin.

Complete your brightening routine with the and for optimal brightening. Seal in all the hydration, nutrients and skin brightening factors with the during the day, or the for the night.


Our is totally beneficial for all skin types, and is even a fan favorite for dry skin types. This is a great go-to cleanser for removing foundation, blush, bronzer, and even shimmery luminizers. For stubborn eye makeup, follow a two step cleansing routine, using this creamy facial cleanser followed by Argan is the perfect moisturizing ingredient for normal skin types, since this ‘dry’ (non-greasy, quick absorbing) oil won’t leave skin too oily or too dry, but right in between.

Any effective beauty routine has to start with clean skin. Opt in to clean beauty, and out of harsh chemical formulas. Our natural facial cleansers leave out the common synthetic chemicals and fragrances, cheap fillers, and synthetic dyes which can all prematurely age the skin. Our 100% PURE formulas will gently and effectively cleanse the skin, and start your routine off right with nutrients, anti-aging antioxidants, and moisturizing extracts and oils. Make sure to always massage our cleansers into your skin for the best effects, and don’t forget to use our gentle every time you cleanse. Clean beauty for the win!

Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Cleansers

Why is it important to choose a facial cleanser based on my skin type?

Selecting a cleanser that’s tailored to your skin type ensures that your skin receives the right balance of cleansing and hydration. It helps address specific concerns related to your skin type and prevents unwanted side effects, like excessive dryness or oiliness.

What are the different skin types, and how can I determine mine?

The primary skin types are normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. To determine yours, observe your skin a few hours after washing it. If it feels tight or flaky, it’s likely dry. If it’s shiny all over, it’s oily. Combination skin often has an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) but is dry or normal elsewhere. Sensitive skin may be prone to redness and irritation.

My skin feels tight and dry after cleansing. What might be the problem?

The cleanser you’re using might be too harsh or stripping for your skin type. Dry skin types need hydrating cleansers with ingredients like glycerin, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid. Avoid cleansers with high alcohol content.

How often should I cleanse my face?

It’s generally recommended to cleanse your face twice daily, in the morning and evening. However, if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, consider cleansing only in the evening and simply rinsing with water in the morning.

What’s the difference between gel, cream, and oil-based cleansers?

Gel cleansers are lightweight and great for deep cleansing, suitable for oily and combination skin. Cream or lotion cleansers are thicker and provide more hydration, ideal for dry and sensitive skin. Oil-based cleansers are effective at dissolving makeup and can be suitable for most skin types, especially if followed with a second, water-based cleanser.

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