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How We Harness Nature’s Power for Skincare

Discover 100% PURE’s Commitment to Natural, Effective, and Ethical Skincare

Written by: 100% PURE®

How We Harness Nature’s Power for Skincare

The power of nature: we respect nature’s guiding forces as a source of many creations, especially when it comes to its ‘fruits’ of labor. At 100% PURE, we understand that whether it’s plant, flower, or fruit-inspired, we get a bountiful harvest of natural skincare ingredients. It’s the very foundation upon which all our products are created.

In fact, it’s the very core upon which many consumers are taking care of their skin using nature-powered skincare. This transition is a response to the concerns surrounding the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients present in conventional skincare items. This skin-olution speaks volumes about a collective desire to embrace products that are as good for the earth as they are for our skin.

At 100% PURE, we couldn’t agree more with this ‘from the earth to your skin’ ideology, which is why our products truly harness nature’s fruits of labor – they’re so pure, they’re practically good enough to eat! Join us to learn the organic beauty benefits of nature-powered skincare and how 100% PURE harnesses the power of nature to provide clean, effective, and ethical skincare solutions.

Our Journey to Purity

The natural skincare product market has undergone a fascinating evolution over time, shaped by the intersections of ancient traditions, natural ingredients, and wisdom with modern science. To bring this philosophy to life, let’s delve into 100% PURE’s journey to purity with nature-powered skincare into the progressive and exciting beauty realm it is today.

The founding of 100% PURE in 2004 emerged from the findings of dozens of unsafe chemicals being used to formulate many conventional cosmetics and skincare products. These harsh formulations were not only unsafe for the skin, they were often being tested on animals. After these unsettling experiences, 100% PURE launched in the hopes that they could support and nurture an authentic skin pureness ideal through a line of natural beauty products: one that could grow, evolve, withstand the test of time – and be healthy for the sake of skin and overall health.

Instead of choosing synthetic ingredients that might be cheaper or more readily available, all the 100% PURE formulas remain pure by simplifying the process. The brand’s ethos: Start in nature, discover what grows, and create the healthiest formulations with the purest ingredients with naturally occurring organic beauty benefits. So, what requires the least amount of alteration? The brand finds that the ingredients that fit these standards are the purest ingredients for skincare and cosmetics products.

Our journey to purity begins with a meticulous selection of ingredients. Understanding that the purity and effectiveness of our products are paramount, we refuse to settle for anything less than the best. Each ingredient is carefully chosen based on its natural origin, potency, and compatibility with our body’s chemistry. Our standards go beyond just being ‘natural’ – we demand that our ingredients contribute positively to both your health and the environment.

We emphasize transparency in our ingredient sourcing, partnering with suppliers who share our vision and values of sustainability and ethical sourcing. This means prioritizing organic, non-GMO, and cruelty-free components that are harvested with respect for the earth and its inhabitants. Our refusal to compromise on quality ensures that every product we offer is not only effective but also genuinely beneficial for your skin and overall well-being. This is where our innovation meets integrity in skincare, and championing our consumer’s skin and health through the purest, healthiest, and science-backed products for the skin.

Woman using 100% PURE products for long lasting beauty

Why Natural Ingredients Matter

The skincare aisle brims with an array of conventional products promising miracles, yet lurking beneath the surface are potential hazards. These formulas, often laden with harmful ingredients, raise concerns about their impact on skin health and overall well-being.

Conventional skincare products may contain synthetic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, which have been linked to various . Natural skincare eliminates or significantly reduces exposure to these potentially harmful substances. This is particularly important because the skin is the body’s largest organ, and what we apply to it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s important to avoid these harmful chemicals and toxins for the sake of your skin and health.

We understand that most skin types, especially those with sensitive skin, for many years often struggled to find suitable skincare products that were effective and didn’t have adverse skin irritations or allergic reactions. But as more people become conscious of what they put on their skin, the use of natural skincare went on an upsurge, and rightfully so.

Today, people from all walks of life are embracing the idea of taking care of their skin using products that harness the power of nature. So, what’s behind this growing popularity, and why are people making the switch? Below are some of the benefits of natural ingredients for skin health:

#1. Increased awareness about the potentially harmful effects of synthetic chemicals and toxins found in conventional skincare products.

#2. The desire for safer and more sustainable skincare that prioritizes natural ingredients tailored to skin type and concerns.

#3. Growing demand for cruelty-free and vegan products, aligning with ethical and environmental values.

#4. Natural ingredients are known for their potential benefits, such as soothing, hydrating, and anti-aging properties.

#5. Natural skincare often focuses on holistic wellness, considering overall health and balance, instead of that can affect not only skin, but overall health.

#6. The absence of synthetic ingredients ensures that natural skincare products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

#7. Natural, plant-based ingredients are believed to work in harmony with the skin’s natural functions, promoting a healthier and more radiant complexion.

At the intersection of nature’s finest ingredients and 100% PURE’s product formulation is our philosophy that skincare should be a harmonious fusion of natural ingredient traditions and modern science – a skin remedy as timeless as it is transformative. Combining the best of both worlds makes the transformative potential of incorporating nature-infused routines into daily skincare practices one BIG skin win – and why natural ingredients really matter.

How We Harness Nature’s Power

In the quest for harnessing nature’s power for skincare, the ingredients we choose to put on our skin matter immensely—not just for our skin, but the science behind their safety and effectiveness for our health.

At the heart of 100% PURE’s philosophy lies a commitment to sourcing ingredients that are not only potent and effective backed by science, but they’re also pure and sustainably harvested. This careful selection process ensures that every component naturally derived from the earth is beneficial for both our skin and the environment.

Step 1: Sourcing the Best Ingredients

Our skincare range harnesses the power of nature’s finest ingredients to deliver transformative results for all skin types. Here are some core natural ingredients found in our formulations, each with unique benefits, with ethical and sustainable sourcing that contribute to the versatility and effectiveness of our products:

Organic Aloe Vera: Known for its soothing and healing properties, organic aloe vera is a cornerstone for skin hydration and repair. has also shown that aloe vera boosts collagen and elastin fibers, making the skin firmer and smoother. Cultivated sustainably, organic aloe not only supports healthy skin but also encourages eco-friendly farming practices, contributing to the preservation of natural habitats.

Rosehip Oil: Known for its fatty acids and vitamin A content, rosehip oil facilitates skin cell regeneration for plumper, smoother, more hydrated skin. This lightweight oil behaves similarly to our skin’s natural oil, meaning it sinks in easily and is relatively “dry” to the touch shortly after application.

Rosehip oil is also beneficial for lessening the signs of aging such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and can help to boost skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. have shown that rosehip oil can improve dryness and balance the skin’s protective barrier.

Olive Squalane: A standout ingredient, by the skin and mirrors the moisturizing properties of the traditionally used shark-derived squalene but without cruelty and environmental detriment. Sourced from olives, this ingredient is a testament to the power of plant-based alternatives in delivering high-performance skincare while respecting our planet’s biodiversity.

Green Tea: As a natural skin defender from harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants, green tea is a skin healer, too! Sourced from the camellia tea plant from the most holistically and responsibly organic farming practices, the super leaf’s soothing powers calm inflammation like a gentle breeze, giving your skin peace and calmness. Green tea’s essence works its magic in skincare products, turning them into pure enchantment.

Step 2: Innovative Formulation Techniques

Our commitment extends beyond the sourcing of natural ingredients that meet the highest standards of purity and efficacy.

Our unwavering standards and science-backed formulations, ensuring potency and purity, are the foundation of 100% PURE. Each ingredient is carefully chosen based on its natural origin, potency, and compatibility with our body’s chemistry. Our standards go beyond just being ‘natural’ – we demand that our ingredients contribute positively to both your skin and your health. This is where 100% PURE’s rigorous role of scientific research assures the purity, efficacy, and safety of our products.

We emphasize transparency in our ingredient sourcing, partnering with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability and ethical responsibility. This means prioritizing organic, non-GMO, and cruelty-free components that are harvested with respect for our consumers and the planet. Our refusal to compromise on quality ensures that every product we offer is not only effective but also genuinely beneficial for your skin and overall well-being.

Step 3: Rigorous Testing for Safety and Efficacy

Our skincare range harnesses the power of nature’s finest ingredients to deliver safe and effective results for all skin types. We opt for ingredients that are sustainably harvested, ensuring that our products are not only effective but also cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. Every ingredient is scrutinized using a rigorous and meticulous to make sure we are creating the safest, and most effective products for you, your health, and the environment. It’s our commitment to cruelty-free testing and ensuring product safety.

We start by making sure that the ingredients we use are free of synthetics, chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. After combining ingredients, we test for the ingredients’ stability to avoid negative chemical reactions. Once we’ve made sure the ingredients safely blend, we look at its efficacy to see whether its product accomplishes what it says it will do and whether the right percentage of active ingredients are performing as they’re supposed to.

As for efficacy in our skincare? At 100% PURE, the significance of understanding chemical structures in formulating synergistic blends amplifies the benefits of a beauty formula and it avoids potential harm. This means formulating is not as simple as mixing a group of ingredients like you might get away with in chemistry class. Mastering chemical structures in formulas at 100% PURE is a skin-necessity for the most effective products – and science- and safety-backed purity!

Step 4: Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

At 100% PURE, are at the core of our brand ethos. Our commitment to a more sustainable future drives every aspect of our development and production processes for the universal skincare line. We prioritize environmentally friendly packaging, opting for biodegradable materials and post-consumer recycled packaging to minimize our carbon and environmental impact.

Our commitment extends beyond what’s inside the bottle. We recognize the significant impact packaging has on the planet, which is why we’ve invested in developing and utilizing packaging solutions that are as eco-friendly as our products. From biodegradable materials to recyclable containers, our approach is designed to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are continually exploring innovative packaging technologies that align with our environmental values. This includes using plant-based plastics, glass, and other materials that can be reused or recycled, thus contributing to a circular economy. Our packaging choices are a testament to our belief that it is possible to provide high-quality products without sacrificing the health of our planet.

In addition to our packaging initiatives, we conduct cruelty-free testing and utilize clean, responsibly sourced ingredients in all our formulations. Our biodegradable formulas ensure that our products are non-toxic and safe for the planet’s delicate ecosystems.

100% PURE Blood Orange Cleansing Balm with natural ingredients

Nature’s Best in Our Skincare Line

In the pursuit of beauty, choosing products extends beyond efficacy; it’s a commitment to skin health and ethical standards. Opt for skincare that is not only effective but also free from harmful chemicals and unethical practices, creating a foundation for enduring beauty.

Like 100% PURE, a brand devoted to harnessing the power of natural ingredients. , we don’t just enhance your skin with our products. Our formulas can transform your complexion over time, promoting health and longevity.

Use these 100% PURE products that will embrace your skin with love and will provide nourishment that goes beyond the surface. Now that’s harnessing the true power of nature for skincare.

Green tea is known to calm red and irritated skin, and combining it with soothing oat milk spells big benefits for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Packed with radical-fighting antioxidants, this mask boasts soothing coconut milk, skin-brightening vitamin C, and anti-aging green tea to boost the glow of your complexion and combat aging concerns.

These rich, luxurious ingredients also help with toning and evening skin tone, making this power trio matchas made in heaven. You control the concentration of this green tea face mask by adding more or less water. Smooth mask over the skin, and allow to set for 15 minutes. To finish, rinse the skin with warm water and follow with a reparative facial oil for enhanced glow.

A deliciously rich skin salve made with protective and nourishing superfruit oils that boost skin vitality. Featuring a formula ideal for restoring dry or lackluster skin, this face balm is infused with anti-pollution, free radical-fighting ingredients, such as antioxidant-rich acai, mangosteen, and nourishing goji to help combat premature signs of aging caused by UV damage and environmental stressors.

This antioxidant-rich balm is designed to deeply moisturize the driest of skin and can be used as an all-over treatment mask or to spot-treat dry patches. Warm a quarter-sized amount between hands, and apply a thin layer over the skin. It can be used day and night.

This natural hydrogel mask does the work to help repair and revitalize tired skin. We developed this face mask with green coffee extract to stimulate skin rejuvenation while the high caffeine content helps hydrate and boost skin’s elasticity. Did you know that the color of the mask is the natural color of coffee? The added base of aloe vera juice, seaweed collagen, and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrate and soothe skin.

It’s a breeze to use! Unfold and place sheet mask onto clean, freshly cleansed skin, pressing gently to ensure full contact around the eye, nose, and mouth area. Remove after 20 minutes, or when nutrients from your hydrogel mask have been fully absorbed by your skin (mask material will begin to shrivel). Gently massage excess moisture into the neck and décolleté.

Gently cleanses and nourishes the skin. This moisturizing balm harnesses the power of blood orange, an antioxidant-packed superfruit. Blood orange is extremely rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that helps to prevent UV and environmental damage, promote collagen production and skin brightness, fight acne, and support overall skin health.

To use this cleanser, all you need to do is emulsify the balm between your fingers and gently rub it into your skin. Swipe away with lukewarm water and a washcloth, to remove excess oil and buildup.

Features the antioxidant power of acai berry, goji berry, and blood orange to heal and protect against damage. This daily moisturizer contains EGCG, a powerful phytonutrient that’s naturally found in green tea, which helps protect and rejuvenate skin. While rejuvenating your skin with high-powered antioxidants, this face cream also locks in moisture to keep your skin quenched and supple.

Wait for your serum to sink in before delicately massaging and pressing a nickel-to-quarter-sized amount (depending on the severity of dryness) of moisturizer into your skin.

Incorporate these best-selling products into your daily skincare routine to achieve healthy, glowing skin. With their versatile uses and suitability for all skin types, they make it easy to prioritize skincare that is both effective and safe – and is powered by the best in nature!

Our Commitment to a Better World

At 100% PURE, our commitment to sustainability extends far beyond the confines of the beauty industry. Recognizing the critical importance of protecting our planet for future generations, we actively participate in global sustainability efforts, collaborate with leading environmental organizations, and launch initiatives designed to preserve natural resources and uplift communities worldwide. Our endeavors not only embody our dedication to producing the healthiest skincare line but also our resolve to contribute positively to community and environmental initiatives, as well as to environmental preservation and social well-being.

Partnerships with Environmental Organizations

One of our cornerstone approaches to supporting global sustainability efforts is through strategic partnerships with environmental organizations. By aligning with groups that share our mission, we amplify our impact and contribute to larger, more significant environmental projects. A notable collaboration is with the Rainforest Foundation, where we work together to protect rainforests around the globe, safeguarding the immense biodiversity within and ensuring the rights and well-being of indigenous communities. This partnership involves funding reforestation projects, supporting sustainable livelihoods, and advocating for the preservation of these critical ecosystems.

Supporting Communities

Beyond environmental stewardship, 100% PURE is deeply committed to supporting communities both locally and globally. Our social initiatives include partnerships with local schools to educate the next generation about sustainability and environmental responsibility. We also engage in community clean-up projects, water conservation efforts, and support for sustainable agriculture practices in underserved regions. These initiatives are integral to our mission, embodying our belief in the interconnectedness of environmental health and community wellbeing.

Specific Projects and Contributions

A highlight of our sustainability efforts is the “Clean Water Project,” launched in partnership with Through this initiative, we’ve funded the construction of wells and water sanitation facilities in rural communities lacking access to clean water. This project not only provides immediate health benefits but also supports sustainable development by freeing up time and resources previously devoted to water collection, which can now be directed towards education and economic activities.

Our “Beauty Without Borders” program has enabled us to extend our reach to communities affected by natural disasters. By providing hygiene kits and skincare products, we aim to offer a sense of normalcy and self-care during times of crisis. This program exemplifies our belief in the power of beauty as a force for good, uplifting spirits, and fostering resilience in the face of adversity.

Animal Welfare

Our commitment to animal welfare means that we will never, EVER test on animals – and that our products will always be certified cruelty-free. When it comes to our ingredients we go through a painstaking process to avoid animal-sourced ingredients and opt for vegan, cruelty-free alternatives.

Moreover, our conscious business practices extend beyond product development. We support global and local communities through partnerships with organizations promoting health, wellness, and environmental conservation. From donating nutritious meals to shelter dogs to planting trees to foster local economies, we strive to make a positive impact on the world around us. Together, we are working towards a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

At 100% PURE, we understand that true beauty is reflected in the health of our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Our global sustainability efforts, partnerships, and initiatives are a testament to our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact beyond the beauty industry. By embracing sustainability as a core principle, we not only ensure the longevity of our brand but also contribute to the creation of a healthier, more sustainable world for all.

Embrace Natural Skincare with 100% PURE

Choosing the right skincare products can be a daunting task, especially if you want them tailored to your
skin type and concerns. But not with the help and support of 100% PURE. With some knowledge and understanding of your skin’s needs, you can create the best skincare routine for healthy, radiant skin.

A cutting-edge tool for clean skincare customization is the skin analysis tool available through 100% PURE. This tool helps you build a customized skin regimen, based on your specific skin type and concerns. You’ll get personalized product suggestions tailored to your skin, broken down into a simple, step-by-step plan!

We invite you to embark on your own skincare journey with 100% PURE products and experience the organic beauty benefits of natural skincare. Join us in our mission to revolutionize skincare into a more inclusive and universally beneficial experience. Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of diversity and empower individuals to embrace their unique real skin journeys with nature-powered skincare!


What makes 100% PURE products different from other natural skincare brands?

As a pioneer in clean beauty, we have created a standard for pure formulas, surrounding these many principles set forth by our founders, and have built and evolved our brand within these standards. With all these beliefs and responsibilities in mind, it was easy to build our formula of what it means to be 100% PURE and different from other skincare brands. Instead of using our brand as a numeric measurement, we use it as a strict standard to dictate how we operate our business, how we create products, and how we interact with the environment daily. This simplifies our choices from conception to fruition and acts as an effective tool for policing ourselves to create the healthiest brand of skincare and beauty products on the market today.

How does 100% PURE ensure the effectiveness of its natural ingredients?

100% PURE ensures the purity and potency of its ingredients through a stringent sourcing process that prioritizes natural and organic components. Our brand performs thorough testing on all its ingredients to confirm their purity and safety. Additionally, we often opt for ingredients that are sustainably harvested, ensuring that our products are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. By partnering with suppliers who share their commitment to quality and sustainability, 100% PURE ensures that every product meets high standards of purity and effectiveness.

Are 100% PURE products suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. We understand the unique needs of sensitive skin and have formulated specific products to cater to this skin type. Our universal range includes gentle, soothing formulations free from harsh irritants and allergens. These products undergo rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with sensitive skin types, providing effective solutions without compromising on safety or efficacy.

How does 100% PURE contribute to environmental sustainability?

At the heart of 100% PURE’s ethos is a pledge—a promise that stretches far beyond the purity and health benefits of our products. We aim to embody purity in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that every action we take contributes to a world where kindness, awareness, and environmental sustainability are not just ideals, but realities.

This means actively participating in educational initiatives that spread awareness about ethical practices, environmental sustainability, and the importance of compassion towards all living beings. We aim to be more than a brand; we strive to be a force for positive change, dedicated to enriching lives and giving back to the global community.

Environmental sustainability is at the core of our mission. We believe in practicing what we preach, which means integrating sustainable practices into every facet of our business—from product development to packaging and beyond. Our commitment to the environment goes beyond compliance; it’s about taking proactive steps to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle among our customers and community.

Can I see results using 100% PURE products, and how long will it take?

Yes, you will gradually see the effectiveness of using 100% PURE products! The timeframe for results from natural skincare products varies by skin type and concern. Oily or acne-prone skin may see improvements within 1 to 2 weeks. Dry skin may notice changes in a few days to a couple of weeks. Sensitive skin could experience relief within a week or longer. Addressing aging concerns may take several weeks. The key is to be patient and consistent.

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