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Big Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

This culinary herb boasts much more than just its signature flavor – it’s also a beauty and hair growth superstar!

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What’s your favorite essential oil? The conversation about essential oils can’t take place without rosemary, arguably the G.O.A.T. in the essential oil game. Rosemary essential oil has so many benefits and uses – from skin to hair benefits – that we can’t resist incorporating it into our everyday routines.

We’re always on the hunt for natural ways to boost our beauty routine, and rosemary oil makes the top of our list! If you’ve ever wondered how this earthly, heavenly essential oil can help you sprout a thicker, longer mane and a smoother complexion, keep reading!

The Rosemary Plant

This herbaceous plant is native to the Mediterranean, and is most known for its culinary capacity. It’s commonly used to give dishes a fresh, earthy flavor (our mouths are watering thinking about Greek salad with fresh rosemary). Its flavor is similar to the depth and sweetness of basil, but with the strength and sensation of mint. Rosemary definitely holds its own amongst the other herbs!

For those that have never seen this plant, it’s an evergreen shrub with spines similar to pine and fir trees. This shrub can feature tiny white or lavender colored flowers, and is often used in landscaping and home gardens. Rosemary starts small and can be kept in a small pot in the kitchen, or grow into a sizable shrub for your yard.

PRO TIP: If you plan to grow this herb in your garden, be sure to keep it separate from other herbs and plants. Rosemary grows wild and tends to dominate wherever it is planted.

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How Is Rosemary Oil Useful?

Historically, rosemary has been used in tonics, skin care, and natural medicine to treat conditions ranging from general inflammation to digestive support. In modern times, while many of us adore rosemary in cooking, it’s becoming common to use it in skin and body care.

Beyond its general potency, what makes rosemary essential oil so useful in cosmetics is the careful way the oil is extracted from the plant. Using fresh or dried rosemary, the spines are removed from the thin needles, and the plant is most commonly steam-distilled or cold-pressed. The latter preserves the best qualities of the plant.

Rosemary essential oil features in many of our product formulas – even how to – and we feature the ingredient for good reason. Let’s go through many of the benefits of this beautiful herb.

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Beauty Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

While this herb might thrive in cooking, it shines just as well in our bathroom cabinets. We’ve been slowly stocking up on rosemary essential oil products for years, and here are some of the face, skin, and body benefits of this natural skincare product.

For Face


The power of rosemary oil is so strong that it can sink into the skin to . It helps to clarify any clogged pores and decongest the skin for immediate and lasting results.


Rosemary helps to in the skin. It’s also linked to helping soothe acneic skin types. Those with oily-skin related breakouts will enjoy the way that rosemary essential oil brings the skin to a more harmonious balance.


Rosemary brings that antibacterial quality to skin care; it can instantly like rashes, breakouts, and recurring skin conditions.


As an antioxidant, rosemary helps to fight mischievous free radicals for happier, healthier skin.


Rosemary helps to boost circulation, which can reduce the bloated, puffy look we often get in the eye area.

For Hair


Those of us with itchy, dry scalps, look no further than rosemary essential oil. The aromatic quality of this herb oil helps to soothe inflammation and deeply moisturize.


Rosemary is great for hair growth. It helps to fight agents that cause hair loss and scalp irritation for a longer, fuller mane. Studies have found that rosemary essential oil helps to fight one of the causes of androgenetic alopecia.

Since rosemary’s more well-known ability is promoting hair growth, we had to incorporate it into our hair formulas. Our stimulates hair growth from active and inactive hair follicles for visibly increased fullness. This invigorating serum features the correct percentage of organic rosemary that’s been clinically proven to be as effective as prescription drugs that stimulate hair growth. See results in 3-6 months of regular use.

Scalp Issues:

Along with deep moisturizing and , rosemary does treat the inflammation caused by certain scalp conditions such as , dermatitis, and even excess oiliness.

For Skin & Body


Like lavender, rosemary helps to assist in mindfulness, meditation, and calmness for a more serene state of mind.


Bug haters will recognize less bug bites this summer when incorporating this oil into skin and body care. Known to repel insects, rosemary makes for a great natural alternative to often harsh, strong smelling bug sprays.


This herb, along with others like mint, have the unique ability to actually impact our blood flow. It helps to stimulate an easier flow of blood through our vessels for .


Because of the way rosemary essential oil assists with circulation, it can also help with better breathing when we’re ill or congested.


Nobody wants bad breath, and apparently this little herb helps with a fresher mouth.


Rosemary essential oil is excellent for treating common skin inflammatory conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and general itchiness. Using its circulation-boosting, antibacterial, and moisturizing qualities, adding this ingredient to body care is a game changer for any of us that are seeking happier skin.

While rosemary may be a popular favorite in the kitchen, it can make your hair look healthier and stronger overall and, in comparison to other oils marketed for beauty, it actually has research to support its claims.


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